Inquiry-based learning

We're accepting applications for both of the next classes of Signal, from May 1st through July 21st, and our seven-week Summer program from July 31st through September 15th!

We offer inquiry-based learning and an unusually intellectually curious peer group. Unlike typical college classes, Signal Data Science focuses on learning by doing. You’ll learn from a combination of lectures, short knowledge-reinforcement problems, and longer, more open-ended assignments focusing on analysing real datasets. (That’s your chance to discover something new!) Don’t worry if that sounds daunting: our instructors will be there to support you every step of the way.

You will learn the core skills of a professional data scientist:

You’ll learn both the theory and the application of a wide array of data science techniques. We offer a pair programming-focused curriculum, allowing students to learn from each other’s strengths. We cover everything from basic linear regression to advanced, industry-relevant methods like gradient boosting and dimensionality reduction.

You’ll do an advanced, self-directed project at the end of the course. Curious? Check out our showcase of past students’ final projects. Whatever your interests are—from doing something with real-world, industry-relevant applicability to applying cutting-edge neural nets—we’ll work with you to find a project to match your interests and help you showcase it to prospective employers.

Our current weekday curriculum is:

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