Frequently Asked Questions






Is the program in-person or online?

The bootcamp is in-person. We don't currently have an online version of the curriculum.

Where is the program located?

The program is located in Berkeley, CA.

What is the time commitment like? How many hours do students work each day?

Students attend class from 10 AM to 7 PM with a break for lunch at noon. Additionally, optional (but strongly recommended) interview preparation sessions take place on Saturday afternoons. One full session is 12 weeks long.

What are the prerequisites for admission into Signal?

There are no formal prerequisites, but comfort with mathematical reasoning and some degree of programming experience are very helpful. Even if you don't think this describes you, feel free to send us an application: we value ability to learn, not just preexisting knowledge.

What kinds of industry connections does Signal have for job placements?

We have unofficial contacts at a number of Bay Area tech companies (Google, Facebook, etc.) who can refer our students for data scientist jobs as well as an expanding network of alumni. We haven't been around for very long, so we don't presently have formal partnerships with any specific companies, although we're confident that the interviewing skills we teach our students more than make up for the difference.

How long has Signal been around?

Our first cohort started in February 2016, and we've been running cohorts regularly since then.


Which topics are covered by the curriculum?

We cover R, linear and logistic regression, regularization, support vector machines, dimensionality reduction, clustering, distributed computing, web scraping, data cleaning, natural language processing, and other advanced topics based on the interests of each cohort.

What programming knowledge do we have to possess in advance?

We teach R completely from scratch. Coming in, students should be familiar with Python at roughly the level of the Codecademy Python course. We provide precourse materials to accepted students to help them patch any gaps in their knowledge prior to the start of the program.


When is the next session of the program?

The next session of Signal Data Science will run from January 9th through March 31st.

Do you offer housing in Berkeley to students?

We are able to rent fully furnished rooms out to accepted students on a first-come, first-serve basis at standard market rates. The amount of housing available to us is limited, so please notify us as early as possible if you are interested in our housing.

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